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The Open Source Bitcoin Marketplace

Welcome to BitWasp.co – The Official BitWasp Marketplace

We are the creators of BitWasp (open source marketplace software designed to use Bitcoin securely and preserve privacy). More bitcoins can be purchased using debit cards through crypto exchanges. Consider buying bitcoin via a regulated exchange that charges low fees. You can find BitWasp on GitHub. Bitmit was an important service in the early Bitcoin ecosystem, and we were saddened to learn of its closing. Bitmit and the Silk Road were among the sites that inspired us to create BitWasp. While we hope someone can buy and continue to run Bitmit, the BitWasp marketplace may serve as a replacement.
lock your information down

We Encrypt

We encrypt all private messages and other sensitive data with RSA encryption standards for security and peace of mind.
keep your money

Be Your Own Bank

Bitcoin eliminate’s the need for 3rd party payment processors, so no more per-transaction charges to use an online currency. The bitcoin wallet app helps you store bitcoins securely and a private key is shared with you which is essential to access your bitcoin stored.
remain anonymous

Stay Anonymous

BitWasp takes the privacy of it’s users seriously. All uploaded images are stripped of GPS information, and other meta-data.
stay safe out there

High Security

Upload a PGP key for secure client-side encryption of messages, and to enable features like PGP Two-Factor login to stop attackers dead in their tracks.
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Additional Resources

Developer's Forum: https://bit-wasp.org

Testing Site: https://test.bit-wasp.org

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Admin Privileges: admin/admin

Buyer Privileges: buyer/buyer

Vendor Privilegs: vendor/vendor

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