Blockchain and Crypto in the Labor Market Overview of Salaries, Taxes and the Most In-Demand Jobs

In the case of cryptocurrency, there is a growing sentiment among the common people in the present time. This is mainly taking place due to the price of the cryptocurrency that is reaching low
in regular intervals. As a result of this phenomenon, the blockchain companies are on a roll to change the business strategies and cut the employees out of the organizations.

Due to the cut on the employees, a boom on the human resources is happening in the companies as the vacancies are increasing day by day. There are a number of job vacancies for the post where one can carry out the bitcoin taxes review.

Jobs restated to blockchain: The demand

In the year 2017, near about 4500 vacancies came in during the month of May with the tags of ‘Bitcoins’, ‘Cryptocurrency’ and ‘Blockchain’. The present record in LinkedIn is now nearing 14000 vacancies and 3000 vacancies in relation to the cryptocurrency.

American cities have comparatively higher vacancies for the crypto-industry. You can get the vacancies in the prominent cities like San-Francisco and New York.

The software developers are the need for the hour for the leading companies. The majority of the vacancies are of the category where the developers of the best bitcoin tax software are needed.

Specialists are also in demand from the organizations that deal with the trade of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Mainly the companies are expecting for outstanding labors to carry out the jobs of analysts for the risk, specialists for the market and product managers. However, the companies are not in search for the traders and analyst for the investment. On contrary, you should always be aware of the fact that the blockchain industry is up with a number of new disciplines that need more specialists.

The overall statistics, however, not balanced as the vacancies for the industries of the blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency either rises or falls in different periods of time.

In the present era, the leading companies of IBM, Oracle, and ConsenSys are in the most need of the personnel who keep knowledge about the blockchain industry. They are gradually taking the place of becoming the competitors for companies like Kraken and Coinbase. These are the main companies related to the industry of crypto exchange. These qualified people would be kept to either manage the cryptocurrency tax software or to design them. Companies like Accenture and KPMG have taken the professionals for the blockchain industries.

The countries like India, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore are also facing the situation of increased vacancies in the industry.

About the Salaries and Taxes


It is a common phenomenon that you should know about the aspect of salary in case of the professionals related to the bitcoin and blockchain wanted their salaries in the bitcoin. The second majority of the professionals were eager to gain their salaries in the cryptocurrency.

Some of the workers also indicated upon the fact that they would like to exchange the wage they get in the traditional money to the cryptocurrency. Many professionals also possess a belief of spending less when earning in cryptocurrency than in traditional money.

In the industry, there is already a trend to pay the labor in the bitcoin. Out of the industry, the salaries are also provided in the digital currency. In the case of the payment done in digital money the major companies can save a lot of money. This fact comes forward from the suggestion of the Bloomsburg Law Analyst.

In accordance with the latest statistics, approximately 200 companies globally use the Bit Wage. In the case of the freelancers too, the salaries are paid in cryptocurrency. There are many advantages of using digital money as it provides faster transaction and outstanding transparency in the case of the transacted money. Nearly $31 million is paid every year in the digital mode to the employees of the leading companies like Facebook, Google, Airbnb, and Uber.

Liabilities related to Taxes

There is no clear legislation on the digital currency which makes it tougher for the salary transaction in the cryptocurrency. The views towards the digital currency greatly differ in case of different countries. In some countries, it is illegal too.

In general, the normal legislative structure always controls the sector of the digital company. You should always make good use of the bitcoin tax calculator to timely deliver all the needed taxes. Any under-report in case of the taxes can subject you as a criminal. In such scenarios, it is expected that you might have to face the bitter legal proceedings.

Taxes related to the bitcoin and the cryptocurrency has a complicated derivation process. No matter whichever country you belong to, you should mandatorily contact with the tax professional. However, in case of staying in Germany, you might not need the cryptocurrency tax software because the country does not demand any taxes. You might, however, expect to give the taxes when using it as a payment means.

The countries like China, Singapore you might expect to have certain user portfolios because the country uses them to collect the taxes.

So, this is the complete overview of the job demand, salaries, and taxes in different country setups for the industries of digital money and blockchain technology. It is one of the major technologies which is rapidly coming in the market. There are, however, many disadvantages of the bitcoin transaction as it has a high value. The advantage of being a transparent process always steals the show.

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